Learn AWS: Account Security

Multi-Factor Authentication AKA Security First

Generally speaking, in AWS you are billed monthly based on what you use hourly. AWS EC2, the service that powers virtual environments, offers a wide range of “instances” starting from 0.006$/Hour to ones that cost 13$/Hour, so it’s clear that if someone hacks your account and order some servers while you are sleeping you could find a bad news in the morning.

That’s why AWS strongly suggests you to configure MFA.

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Learn AWS: Getting Started

AWS and Amazon Account

First of all, you’ll need an Amazon Web Services account.

For those who suffers from CBD compulsive buying disorder, like me, and already have an account on https://www.amazon.com, can use that to log in AWS https://aws.amazon.com.

AWS Homepage

If you don’t have an account instead, you can register for free but you’ll have to insert a Credit Card to continue, even if you want to use the Free Tier ( What is the Free Tier? )

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Learn AWS

I decided, while I’m continuously learning new things using AWS, to write this guide for all people like me. When I started 1 year ago with AWS, there was only the official documentation (do not misunderstand me it’s a good doc, well written and complete but for a newcomer in this world I think it’s not a good starting point).

What is AWS

AWS is a suite of more than 70 cloud services ranging from Computing to Analytics. Is one of the most complete provider among its competitors, if you are going to develop a new application you can find everything you need.

The AWS docs is really huge having to cover every minimum aspect of the platform and it’s really easy to lose yourself while reading if you don’t know what to search.

I thought that a guide that covers one step at time the AWS platform could be easier to digest so here it is:

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How I migrated from Ghost to Hexo

A little bit of history

When I discovered Ghost 3 years ago, my initial enthusiasm, because it was bringing a wave of fresh air in this world polluted by WordPress and sites written in PHP, rapidly declined and now I’m going to briefly explain why.

Immediately I noticed that was too cumbersome working with Ghost, even if it’s just a Static Site Generator, you have to setup a nodeJS hosting with a DB, just to have some static page generation capability.

If this is not enough you have to face the lack of features, speaking of 2 years ago, it was in beta ( exactly as today, I just checked is still version 0.9.0 ).

So I left the blog to itself, themes were too complex to handle, the pleasure of writing flew away and I was too busy to take care of this little baby full of issues.

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