Away3D Shader (SwitchFillColor)

Here it is, my first AGAL shader for Away3D 4.1.4! Actually it’s a porting of this Flare3D Shader done by Jonas Volger.

All started when i saw the Nissan Juke websiste, if you try to change the color of the car you will see a really cool effect of a wave filling the car with the new color.

So i looked for a way to reproduce the effect and i found only two articles speaking about it, one about Flare3D and one about Alternativa3D, but no one about Away3D. After 2 days, one to learn how Away3D handle materials under the hood and one to write the code, i completed the porting of the shader to Away3D 4.1.4!

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First Post (Installing Ghost)

This is my first post on this new and exciting blogging platform. I needed 2 days to figure out how to install it, primary because it makes use of Node.js and i’m not an expert of this new technology. After i read up on it i understood that i had 3 possibilities:

  • Dedicated Server
  • VPS
  • Hosting with Node.js

Hosting platform

I had to find an hosting service that offers Node.js support.

After looking at some providers i’ve chosen OpenShift because i liked the gears based system

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