Issues updating Ghost blog on Openshift

Today I decided to update Ghost platform from Version 0.3.3 to the latest 0.5.8. Looking around I discovered that you need to pass through each major update so I choosed to backup my data and start directly from the latest version injecting my data at the end of the installation.

Backup your data

First of all I installed the phpmyadmin cartridge that doesn’t consume a slot. Then with the credentials showed in the open shift control panel I dumped the DB.

Secondly save the /content folder that contains all your images.


I started over with the Ghost app for openshift following the guide on github and executing the command:

rhc app create ghost nodejs-0.10 mysql-5.1 --env NODE_ENV=production --from-code

This command installed the version 0.5.0 of Ghost on my openshift account. Then I downloaded the latest 0.5.8 and copied the files. After this step the blog wouldn’t start anymore showing a 503 error. The error log was full of:

./core/index exited with code 0

After some research I found that the problem was in package.json: I had to change:

main: './core/index'


main: './index'

Then the blog started to work again!