Learn AWS

I decided, while I’m continuously learning new things using AWS, to write this guide for all people like me. When I started 1 year ago with AWS, there was only the official documentation (do not misunderstand me it’s a good doc, well written and complete but for a newcomer in this world I think it’s not a good starting point).

What is AWS

AWS is a suite of more than 70 cloud services ranging from Computing to Analytics. Is one of the most complete provider among its competitors, if you are going to develop a new application you can find everything you need.

The AWS docs is really huge having to cover every minimum aspect of the platform and it’s really easy to lose yourself while reading if you don’t know what to search.

I thought that a guide that covers one step at time the AWS platform could be easier to digest so here it is:


Main Products

  • Computing
    • EC2 Virtual Servers for any needs
    • Lambda Run code in response to events
  • DataBase
    • RDS Relational DataBases as a Service
    • DynamoDB Proprietary low-latency NoSQL DB
    • Elasticache In-memory caching choose between Redis or Memcached
  • Storage
    • S3 General purpose Storage
    • Glacier Long term Storage
    • EBS Scalable block storage for EC2
    • EFS Scalable file storage for EC2
  • PaaS
    • OpsWorks Configure your infrastructure and deployments with Chef
    • Beanstalk Deploy your app without bother with the infrastructure
    • CloudFormation Setup the Infrastructure as Code
    • ECS Containers management system
  • Networking
    • Route 53 Managed DNS
    • ELB Load Balancing
    • VPC Isolate your infrastructures networks