About Me

I’m an IT enthusiast and i’ve always loved IT since i remember.

At age of 8 I started using my first PC, a Pentium III with 700Mhz and Windows 95. During my approach to this big fascinating world i discovered 3D modelling, playing first games like GTA Vice City, learning how to make custom 3d models and inject them, hack game scripts, ecc… From then on i kept learning 3D modelling while making also experiments with electronics and engines until, on high school, i finally merged 3D and programming making my first 3D interactive world based on the plant of the school.

My life and my nature have led me to change field starting my job career as a Interactive Developer in an R&D dept. focusing primarly on B2B advertising interactive products.

This role for 3 years provided me the ability to build from the ground up a project starting from the concept to the deployment, prototyping with very short deadlines and working on cutting edge technologies like Projection Mappings, Caves, Holograms, 3D Interactive Systems based on Kinect, IR cams and other cool technologies.

Then, changing company, I moved on Web field as a FullStack Developer applying my skills to the Web, working at the beginning with PHP and JS. After finding many inefficiencies to dev workflows and pipelines i decided to focus on the optimization of the entire infrastructure.

This activity started to taking me more and more time until i decided to face this new challenge moving to a DevOps role, this puts me back between the Hardware and the Software (the place where i’ve always felt home).

The future: I don’t know where i’ll be in 2 years from now, but i’m enjoying this role.

I’m still a fan of engines and electronics, in the spare time you’ll find me building something with HighVoltage circuits and risk of death or welding a Go-Kart’s chassis.